Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lostness in Kentucky

There's been a statistic we have been trumpeting hard for the past year in my church, Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Independence, KY (check us out... shameless plug... www.hickorygrove.net).  The stat is this:  85% of our county, Kenton County is completely unchurched.  And we are located in Independence, the thirst largest city by land mass in the state, and one of the fastest growing cities in the state.  This statistic alone has lit a fire under me, our staff, and our church.  We want to push the light of Jesus into that darkness and see that number shrink as we work hard to do whatever it takes to help every person within our reach take their next step (perhaps their first step) with Jesus Christ.  

And now, I've received an even greater impetus for our mission.  Jason Lowe, director of missions for the Pike Association and executive pastor for First Baptist Church in Pikeville, KY, just released a very sobering report on just how unchurched and LOST our fellow citizens of the Commonwealth actually are.  Give this a read, and then hit your knees in prayer, and THEN go invite and invest in the people you see in your city.  Let them see Jesus in you and you get them coming to your church, your small group, your next church event.  It's time we all band together to pierce the lostness with the answer of all answers:  Jesus Christ.  

Click here to read Jason Lowe's report!

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